What Students Say...

I think that this booklet is really great for our quintet group. Not only is it tons of fun but it challenges us in every way possible. This definitely will help us sharpen our skills as a group and as individuals. The Brass Grooves booklet is just awesome.

—Elaina Duvall
Trumpet, high school student


Since I started the French Horn, I have always been more of a follower and playing Brass Grooves is teaching me how to be a leader. It’s helping me with listening more closely and blending with others around me. The French Horn isn’t really a solo instrument in our concert band so it’s great to finally get some chance to shine. And since French Horns aren’t usually in jazz band, this gives me a chance to play some jazz and swing on the French Horn.

—Chelsea Lybbert
French Horn, high school student


Watching the Dallas Brass I thought to myself how cool would it be to play the kinda stuff they get to play with a small group of peers. I thought this was out of the question, but lucky for students like me, the Dallas Brass has taken the time to put together a booklet for small high school brass ensembles. The music is upbeat, the crowd enjoys it, and more than anything it’s quick and fun to learn. Thank You Dallas Brass!

—Kord Pauley
Drums, high school student


After we bought the Brass Grooves book, we added a percussionist to our group and are having a blast altogether. We all thank you for providing these fantastic songs for us to enjoy and have fun playing them. We are even looking forward to memorizing Next Stop, Funksville to put some choreography with it and perform it at our high school's talent show in May, 2008. They really are awesome!

—Audrey DeVries
French Horn, high school student


Van Wert, OH High School Brass Quintet